Gigabrain Viewer

Created by Solomon

Welcome to the Gigabrain Viewer. This is a fan-created resource of tools and viewers for the Overwatch League.

This is an FAQ for the problems with Gigabrain in this season.

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  • Q: How do I get OWL tokens using Gigabrain? A: You can't in Gigabrain alone. Youtube says that you must be on the YouTube website or app to be eligible for game rewards (OWL tokens & drops). Embedded videos (ie Gigabrain) are specified as ineligible.

    You'll need to use the YouTube website to get drops. You might be able to have it in another window or tab and then use Gigabrain.
  • Q: I'm getting a purple screen whilst watching Twitch A: Twitch forces the "Purple Screen of Death" to any embedded player. They confirmed it in the developer forums that embedded players were targeted intentionally. Sometimes turning off your adblocker can help, but it may not help. This is one of the biggest issues for Gigabrain right now.
  • Q: How do I get channel points on Twitch A: Open the companion stream in another tab (can be muted). You'll be able to accrew points and click the +50 boxes inside Gigabrain.
  • Q: So what can I use Gigabrain for this year? A: Unfortunately, not a whole lot - unless you keep some streams open in other tabs too.
    Both Twitch and YouTube have major problems with embedded sites. You can still use it if you don't care about tokens or points, but you might still get hit with the purple screen. It's super unfortunate that Gigabrain has been hit this way.
  • Q: What does the future of Gigabrain look like? A: It's not entirely bleak. The Twitch purple screen is something that gets updates fairly regularly, and the other issues can usually be solved by running the stream in another window or tab.
    If the purple screen gets fixed properly, I'll continue developing Gigabrain 3 which will make controlling a lot easier and smoother.